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Originally posted by skjackee
Also, I was watching one of the old-school SNL episodes and they had this skit where they were making fun of sorority girls and they were all supposed to be Tri-Delts, complete with letters. IN fact, one of my guy friends didn't even think Delta Delta Delta was a real sorority, he said "Isn't that the fake sorority they make fun of on Saturday Night Live?"
Actually on my campus, the tri-delt chapter has used the SNL skit for greek week before.

Also, in an episode of road rules, they come to Northern Arizona University and end up wondering through the halls of our all greek dorm, so I know you see letters everywhere then.

As for a random story. In the Bay Area California where I was brought up I never saw greek letters on cars. People just didnt put them on cars. Well it was random because this past thanksgiving break I randomly saw letters. I do not remember whose they were, but it surprised me.
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