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Well at my school, we have this really ugly anchor that everyone paints (two of the frats, Delta Sig and Sig Ep I think, have this big rivalry over it. Delta Sig has to keep it green, Sig Ep has to keep it red, it'll change colors 4 times within ten minutes) and three of my non-Greek friends painted it hot pink one night, and the next day, someone tagged it up with Tri-Delta, which pissed off a lot of people.

Also, I was watching one of the old-school SNL episodes and they had this skit where they were making fun of sorority girls and they were all supposed to be Tri-Delts, complete with letters. IN fact, one of my guy friends didn't even think Delta Delta Delta was a real sorority, he said "Isn't that the fake sorority they make fun of on Saturday Night Live?"
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