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Originally Posted by KDKells View Post
Does Alpha Gamma Delta not exist on campus at Johnstown anymore?
Hm, I guess not? It looks like irishpipes' thread may need to be updated...

Originally Posted by irishpipes View Post
University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown
Johnstown, PA
September 2017
Campus Total=
**Open for Extension**
Delta Zeta Lambda Epsilon 1972-2001
Alpha Xi Delta Zeta Kappa 1973-1979

Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Kappa 1982
Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lambda 1987-2015
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Kappa 1991
ETA: I just did a Google search, and on the site that shall not be named, there was a review in 2015. The only one since then was posted in June of last year and states: "great group of girls that need to come back"

ETA again: This says that AGD is eligible to return to campus, if they desire.

Ok, this is the last ETA: if there were two sororities that left campus in 2015/2016 (AGD and ASA), and if AGD left due to numbers - which I assume per the statement made in the link I just provided - why would they look to add another sorority now? Does anyone have the scoop on why AGD and ASA left? If both were because of membership numbers, do you think it's too soon to add another sorority?
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