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Originally Posted by LaneSig View Post
University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown(PA) has opened for sorority expansion.
This is a horribly written article, and I'm hoping they have more of a reason to add a sorority than to "even things out".

Sophomore Amber Vandevender said she and sophomore Angelica Tate are trying to start a Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity.

According to Hall, Zeta Tau Alpha is referred to as a fraternity because the founding members were some of the original women’s fraternal groups that is not named a sorority, but is a group in the conference.

Vandevender said the process so far has been more time-consuming than difficult.

She said she and Tate thought of bringing Zeta Tau Alpha to Pitt-Johnstown last summer.

“We knew it was going to be a very long, and sometimes frustrating, process. However, we were willing to do whatever it takes,” Vandevender said.

She said they have 13 potential members.

“Many girls have expressed interest in joining. However, since we technically aren’t a campus organization yet, we have decided to keep the group exclusive until we get the OK to recruit,” she said.

Tate said she and Vandevender wanted to bring the fraternity to campus for a variety of reasons.

“The beliefs (Vandevender) and I both share are reflected by Zeta Tau Alpha: the promotion of alliance, happiness and the building up of a greater and purer womanhood.

“With Pitt-Johnstown’s strong emphasis on preparation for the real world, we agreed that nothing could ready a person more than the participation in a group such as Zeta Tau Alpha,” Tate said.
Oh my.
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