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Originally Posted by jolene View Post
Always wondered how that conversation goes. Eek!
It doesn't go well. The PSS chapter on my campus did it my freshman year. The recolonization did work out okay, but there were LOTS of hurt feelings.

I think the only time an immediate recolonization (imo, when you get all new members, it's a recolonization even if it's immediate, because the group has the same level of knowledge a colony would) can work is when all the current members TRULY are done and fried after years of trying, even with full HQ support, and have requested the closure. They have their memories and relationships and are happy with that, but they don't want the stress of having to rush anymore. (Speaking of DePauw DZ this is supposedly what they wanted to do.) That way the sorority does not "move their feet, lose their seat."
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