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Originally Posted by clemsongirl View Post
That was DePauw Delta Zeta, and I think that's a great cautionary tale of why reorganizations don't always work. There's a Wikipedia article with more details about it online.

I suppose there's different levels of closure: there's closed and gone and no members for 4+ years, closed and no members for less than four years, close down for a year or two and come back with all the same members (a couple sororities at UConn did this with mixed results), make all the current members go early alum and recruit a whole new chapter, pull out of recruitment and have a "colonization" but keep the current members.

I suppose it comes down to how badly a sorority wants to be on that campus, how difficult it is to recolonize if you're gone more than four years, and whether a new group can overcome the previous reputation of the chapter or if they need to wait for that to go away before they try to return.
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