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Originally Posted by LaneSig View Post
Phi Mu has been at the University of Arkansas three times.

IM (IFC guy) O- looking at the dates, it would appear that groups that waited a longer period than 4 years have been the most successful when recolonizing. (Not always the case, but sometimes.)

Also, when did RFM begin to be implemented? That could also affect the success of a recolonized chapter in the long run.
I added them, thank you! If anyone sees any other groups I missed, you have about 22 hours before I can't edit the post anymore.

From this presentation that Julie Johnson, the NPC delegate for Kappa Delta and Panhellenics chairwoman, has online here, it looks like it was piloted in 2003 and then rolled out everywhere over the next couple years. Only a few groups have closed again after that time.
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