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So, what these chapters tell me is that multiple recolonizations are usually done at schools with:
-large and prestigious Greek system
-flagship university or similar prominence
-old chapters
-lots of opening and closure of chapters

My theory is that when the prestige and alumni support of having a chapter at a particular campus is greater than the cost of recolonizing again, national orgs will recolonize. Unfortunately for Directional State U, once a chapter has been closed twice it's not coming back again. The exception here is Shepherd University, and I have a friend who went there so I'll have to ask him if he knows any history of that chapter.

It's clearly possible for a group to come back a third time and make it; most of the chapters on here who had quota numbers had made or exceeded it. I do think it requires a lot of soul-searching on the part of nationals to figure out what went wrong in keeping that chapter open and what they're going to do differently this time. There's a famous quote attributed to Einstein that says "Insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results."
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