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So your question about multiple recolonizations got me wondering, and I (cursorily) glanced at irishpipes' list to see which chapters had recolonized at least twice. And then, of course, I got entirely too in-depth with it, like all the other research projects I do:P There's some precedent for it even at Arizona, with AXO coming back and taking quota plus I think every year since they recolonized in 2013:

University of Alabama Sigma Kappa Alpha Omega 1932-1943/1988-1995/Colony Fall 2018

University of Arizona Alpha Chi Omega Beta Lambda 1930-1969/1980-2008/2013

University of Arkansas Phi Mu Alpha Beta 1923-1933/1978-1995/2012

University of Connecticut:
Delta Zeta Gamma Beta 1943-1972/1980-2014/Colony Fall 2017
Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Xi 1944-1970/1976-1983/2007

George Washington University Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Gamma 1930-1937/1959-1970/1985

Florida State University:
Sigma Sigma Sigma Rho 1920-1935/1960-1990/1992-1998 (I think I remember a poster on here saying they'd actually recolonized the chapter five times?)
Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Pi 1928-1939/1949-1980/2013

University of Illinois:
Alpha Xi Delta Kappa 1905-?/1983-1995/2008
Phi Mu Delta Beta 1921-1939?/1946-2011/2016
Phi Sigma Sigma Theta 1923-1975/1975-2011/2013
Sigma Kappa Theta 1906-1941/1946-1968/1975-2016

University of Michigan:
Alpha Omicron Pi Omicron Pi 1921-196?/1978-1993/2017
Sigma Kappa Alpha Mu 1924-1934/1955-1971/1984

University of Minnesota Phi Mu Zeta Eta 1925-1935/1946-1970/2016

Mississippi State University Alpha Delta Pi Epsilon Eta 1966-1983/1985-1988/2013

University of Missouri Sigma Kappa Epsilon Mu 1968-1973/1990-2004/2012

Adelphi University Delta Phi Epsilon Lambda 1926-1937/1958-1971/2011

Syracuse University Delta Phi Epsilon Gamma 1921-1923/1949-?/2014

Duke University Alpha Phi Beta Nu 1935-1970/1994-2001/2003

Kent State University Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Beta 1925-1947/1975-1981/?

Miami University (OH):
Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Alpha 1914-1936/1950-?/1992-2000
Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Kappa 1940-1980/1986-2004/2007 (Did not participate in FR)

Ohio State University:
Delta Phi Epsilon Sigma 1928-?/1948-1987/1990-2001
Phi Sigma Sigma Rho 1928-1938/1947-1952/1952-1958/1974-1977

Oregon State University Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Rho 1926-1935/1946-1992/2014

Pennsylvania State University Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Upsilon 1954-1969/1989-1992/1994-2013

San Diego State University Delta Zeta Gamma Omicron 1950-1973/1989-1995/2007

Stanford University :
Pi Beta Phi California Alpha 1893-1897/1905-1944/1978
Alpha Phi Kappa 1899-1944/1978-1993/2011

Shepherd University (WV) Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Delta 1945-1948/1960-1985/1988

University of Wisconsin Alpha Xi Delta Theta 1905-1972/1980-199?/2015

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