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Tri-Delta closing at University of Arizona

Sad to report that Tri-Delt is closing its Arizona chapter in May 2018.

Now here's a question I have for my Greek sisters with more knowledge of re-colonizing than me.

The press release announcing the closing seems to indicate that Tri-Delt nationals will look to reorganize and perhaps open again down the road. But this chapter has folded already one (either in the late 80's or early 90's) and then re-colonized so this is the second time to be closed. I think they only waited four years after the first closing before re-colonizing which, in my opinion, is too soon, too many students still remember a weak chapter. The times I've seen a chapter successfully re-colonize is when they're waited longer.

So here's the question: how many times does a national re-colonize before calling it a day at that school? To my knowledge Tri Delta has struggled for decades to make quota, going back to at least the 70's.

Here's the press release:
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