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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
Groups already have fees built in to be members of IFC and Panhel. Unless they use it for something like bringing speakers to campus, I don't see how on earth the school can just charge people money for being in a certain type of organization. Where would this money go?

They're going to screw around and drive groups underground and then things will REALLY be a hot mess.
The Student Affairs office is justifying this "Greek Tax" saying the money collected (totaling about $1.35 M/year) is to pay for staff to monitor social events. The supposed staff, which has not been hired, is to be 13 people. That is $100K/year to check on Greek social events. And since each organization is only permitted 10 socials/semester, that is an awful lot of $ for checking on roughly 400 parties in total. Doing the math, it comes to $3375/party. You could hire an entire security force for that. Something seems off to me.

Anyone affiliated with an NPC or IFC chapter will have this added to their Bursar bills so no getting around it. As I said, they are only charging the MGC and NPHC members $30/semester. I guess the university does not intend to monitor their social functions as aggressively.
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