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I agree with the above posters. While having a job may be important (at my university, almost everyone has a job/internship/volunteer work they do, and it's something we encourage with our membership), it's important to approach this decision with honesty. If your debate is between being able to afford your membership versus being able to attend chapter, I know for a fact that your treasurer can help you with a payment plan, and next semester you could apply for Emergency Financial Member Status. However, if you've been in the chapter for nearly two years, you 1. know the financial obligations 2. know the time commitment and 3. should reevaluate why you have no friends in the chapter. Being a member of any organization is a two way street - you get out of it what you put into it. You can't blame the organization as a whole if you don't have any friends unless you take an honest look at why that might be. If you're walking around with an "I hate my chapter" attitude, your sisters will notice. If you're not reaching out to girls to hang out or attending events, you'll never make any friends.

At the end of the day, it seems you've made up your mind and were hoping for us to validate your decision. Honestly, and this may be harsh, but I support your decision to drop if you really feel this negatively about being a member, because you'll only bring the group down.
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