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Originally Posted by ASTalumna06 View Post
At least ABC News used the word 'suspend' instead of 'ban'.

Does anyone know what the NPC/NPHC/Multi-cultural groups' reactions have been to this (if any)? I wonder if on a national level many are hesitant to speak out until this occurs on a more frequent basis. From what I can tell, most of these recent incidents have happened at NIC fraternity chapters, and I wonder if there will eventually be statements made.

I imagine they're treading lightly not only because we're talking about the death of a student, but also in case anyone points the finger back at them, even for something that occurred in the distant past.
That made me think-we've seen tragic NPHC and MGC deaths occur, and yet no campus-wide suspensions have happened to the best of my knowledge (Baruch Pi Delta Psi, East Carolina Delta Sigma Theta come to mind). Wonder why that is.
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