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Agree with others — put some effort into finding another job. I fully support working while in school, because you need a resume and experience and skills when you graduate, but work comes after your schoolwork and school obligations (school obligations can go on your resume as well). Chapter meeting is one of the latter, now that you’ve committed to your sorority. Furthermore, restaurants are everywhere. You can work in a restaurant without it being THIS restaurant. You likely can find one with different schedule requirements.

I had on-campus jobs while in school that I could bend around my schedule. I often even had several at a time. They paid a bit less, but I never had to worry about missing classes or events. Not right for everyone, but something to consider.

(Note: my answer might be somewhat different if you were asking whether to join a sorority in the first place, given that you might need to devote a lot of time to working while in school. Sorority membership generally is a luxury, while work is not always a luxury. But you’ve committed to the organization now, so...)
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