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Unhappy Work or Sorority?

I got a new job this past week and my sorority is basically making me choose between them and my job.
I need advice on what to do.
Okay so I got hired Wednesday and at where I work they make it a requirement for everyone to work Friday-Sunday and the position I got hired for/the only opening position was the dinner shift which is like 4pm-9pm.
Well on Sundays I have Sunday meetings with my sorority. I told my sorority that I got a new job and was unable to attend Sunday meetings because I have to work and they said if I miss one Sunday meeting I'll be put in bad standing for the rest of the semester, can't go to formal (even though I just dropped a hell of a lot of money on a dress for it) or any mixers, and I'll have to pay a fine.
But get this: my previous job was at a haunted house that required me to work Sundays and they always excused me from going to meetings so how is this job any different?
Please give me some advice I don't know what to do. I'm having to either choose to drop Kappa Delta or quit my job, which took me MONTHS to find, works PERFECT with my college schedule AND I make a lot of money at where I work now, and I really need as much money as I can get at the moment. Plus even if I found another job, I'd have to send in a two week notice which would still have me miss the next two chapter meetings, putting me on bad standing, and having to pay a huge fine.
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