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Originally Posted by PhilTau View Post
A sampling of the student clubs at Reed. (Kinda makes typical college Greek life seem rather banal. The C.H.V.N.K. DCLXVI, which builds tall bicycles, is probably the most famous.)
Beyond that groups like:

Angel Booking
Reed's only explicitly feminist student booking group!

FungusAmongUs is a group of mushroom enthusiasts who go to the coast each year for the Yachats Mushroom Festival.

Period Kollectiv
We believe that every person at Reed should have easy access to menstrual supplies when and where they need them. Top 6 Period Kollectiv and we promise to keep all bathrooms all over campus stocked with free tampons and pads, heating patches for cramps, medicine to alleviate pain, and supplements for overall menstrual health and relief. We will to target bathrooms in academic buildings, the library, the GCC, and the SU. We strive to only buy unbleached, chlorine free, organic products. We know that people of all genders experience menstruation as a regular part of their lives, and plan to accommodate everyone equally. Last year we had a lot of support from the student body, and were able to get funding for these supplies but they are not cheap!!

Post-PostKolonial Klub
We want to be an open space for people with histories of colonial oppression to discuss the experience of being postcolonial (and often) diasporic subjects. Although Reed has many identity groups, we feel there isn't a space for reedies who share similar experiences (as a result of colonialism) from many different ethnic backgrounds.Furthermore, there isn't a non-academic space for people to come together and explore what the postcolonial being is; lived, and negotiated constantly through projects of assimilation, neo-colonialism, american imperialism etc.

Soap-making Club
We are a group of Reedies interested in making soap! We will create many types of soap over the course of the year. If permitted by safety regulations, we'll use the cold process method, which means we'll be making our soap from scratch! Soap-making is a craft at the intersection of art and science. We'll design our soap, then watch chemical reactions occur between the ingredients we've chosen.We will scent our soaps with essential oils and color them using pigments derived directly from nature. Participants will be able to keep some of the soap they make, and the rest will be donated to the Reed Community Pantry or to Portland shelters, so that everyone can meet basic hygiene needs with a piece of art that isn't basic at all (soap pun).
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