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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
A good friend of mine attended. He told me they did have a group called SMAKASS on campus.
A sampling of the student clubs at Reed. (Kinda makes typical college Greek life seem rather banal. The C.H.V.N.K. DCLXVI, which builds tall bicycles, is probably the most famous.)

90s Ball - One time event for Reedies to dance to the jams of the last decade of the 20th century and most importantly, live the true ~dream of the 90s~

Absoflutely - Reed's premiere flute troupe.

Aerial Acrobatics Troupe "The Reed Air Force" -- We bring you high-flying, awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics for any and all Reed events. * * * Our troupe is open to all Reed students, alum and faculty of any skill level who are interested in performing or learning the art of aerial silks and aerial lyra.

Blue Heron Collective -- Radical direct action politics

C.H.V.N.K. DCLXVI -- We weld all the freak bikes you see around campus! We also teach others how to weld their own bikes, and host tall bike jousting now and again.

DEFENDERS OF THE UNIVERSE -- We make awesome things. If you have an epic project you want to build, join us! From darkness came forth the protectors. To defend that which is awesome from the powers of the banal. When the apocalypse comes, DxOxTxUx will survive. Until then we will suffice to use our skills to blow your minds. If you have felt The Awesome calling, you will know where to find us.

Fetish Club -- The Reed organization for safe and consensual kink! We welcome anyone from the curious to the thoroughly perverted alike. Responsible for safety and consent lectures, creative workshops, discussion groups, and of course, Fetish Ball, we supply you with a host of events for your enjoyment and edification.

Non-Monogamous People of Reed -- A casual group aimed at bringing together people curious about non-monogamy in a nonjudgmental, supportive community.

Oh For Christ's Sake! -- We are a group of students that show God's love through community. We come together with spiritually interested students and study scripture and work through tough questions.

RSSK (Reed Shoot Shit Kollective) -- Are you interested in guns, shooting, or are just plain curious? * * *
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