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Originally Posted by ChioLu View Post
Yes, any of the National, traditional social Greeks, regardless of counsel, or service Greeks that have social events (APO, GSS)
1) not unless the professor groups events included social and philanthropy events on a national basis (not if itís a few schools hosting an annual formal)
3) no
4) curious as to what schools would have a liaison but no groups
5) probably not, unless the chapter actually functions like a chapter: meetings, recruitment, social events, philanthropy, reporting to national/international HQ

What GLOs does Harvard have?
1) KKPsi and Tau Beta Sigma *especially* at the Historically Black Colleges and University act socially like the NPHC greeks (pledge lines, probate, stepping etc.)
4) I just described Georgetown ( ). Alpha Phi Omega *is* recognized, and it has the Founding chapter of Delta Phi Omega Foreign Service Professional which is *housed*.
5) The chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha is a normal area chapter, just one that happens to include West Point and the sisters there. (The NPHC groups have been doing city chapters for a *long* time)
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