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Sorry I'm late; I've been traveling a bit for work.

I agree what I sense is being said that the definitions of hazing are lukewarm at best. Criminalizing hazing, as many states have and as the REACH Act (which is being lobbied for by the FSPAC) may do federally, also seems counter-productive.

The dangerous issues of hazing can usually be related to assault, battery, defamation, etc. In the cases where hazing is truly debilitating or offensive, my thought would be that those men or women are already breaking laws. Simply grouping "humiliation" or organized hierarchy into that formula is a dangerous beyond fraternity and sorority.

That's not to say that those are good things, but I think we as "Greek Life" play into this media game of assuming responsibility and we don't take a stand to define hazing, the real issue with dangerous hazing, and the fact that individuals make choices and that it's unfeasible for an office of 5-30 people hundreds or thousands of miles away to monitor the activities of thousands of students effectively.
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