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Originally Posted by JLCo View Post
We found out that white or ivory dress is OK. Same goes for the shoes. No nude or natural-colored shoes. So, she is going to wear the off-white dress. I have looked everywhere for a fashionable pair of white shoes and have had little luck this time of year. I was hoping to find something now since she will have to wear white at future initiation ceremonies. I did find a pair of bright white leather pumps in my closet with a short heel which I never wore before because they just seemed too stark of a white. I went over them with tan shoe polish and buffed the polish off. We are left with an off-white shoe. They are super comfortable since I only ever bought comfortable pumps for work and she has the same shoe size.
Problem solved. We will look for a new white dress and shoes in the spring or summer when they have a better selection.
That sounds like a great solution!
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