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Saw an old quill with a "U" shaped kind of safety closure that comes down (folds down) over the "c" clasp (the pin part just slides under the "c" piece of metal and the "u" folds over the pin/c as a safety. There is no other mark on the back of the pin. It is 14K and not jeweled, slightly smaller than a 1928 pin that the owner also had. I don't think it was hand made from the look of the pin and the lettering. The 1928 pin has a more traditional clasp/safety (the kind that can also be found on modern badges).

The clasp is much older I think than the date engraved on the pin (1933). I suppose it could it have been passed down and engraved by the second owner. It is from Eta chapter (Syracuse). Anyone else seen a quill with this type of clasp that can help date this badge?

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