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Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post
Double posting but I have actually heard of people saying that they would have married "better" (ex: a doctor, lawyer, etc.) if they had been a _______.
Saw this on the recent bump. It made me grin. People can really be their own worst critic.

Long ago I attended law school at SMU, which is on SMU's main campus. As most of you know, Greek life at SMU has always been an important part of that university's social life. While there, a fairly large percentage of law students (both men and women) lived in a law school dormitory on the law quad, where they mixed regularly with the undergraduates. Though most of the male law students at that time were the right age for the undergraduate women, for some reason, there was very little dating among the law school students and sorority women at SMU. We pretty much stayed to ourselves, but would have very much liked to have had at least some interaction with those groups. Anyway, I can say with 100 percent certainty that no one at SMU's law school had any interest in any perceived pecking order of SMU's sororities or Greek life. The reality is that we were just too busy to care.
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