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Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
1) Even if she listed another she won't be on their bid list so they can't "match" her to them.
2) See above. Typically,unless something really bizarre comes up at pref, pref invitees are on the bid list - somewhere. Maybe at the bottom but on it.. All this is going to do is skew quota but Belmont's recruitment isn't that big anyway.
3) Now this is stupid. She won't be on anyone's bid list nor invite list. Don't you think PH could figure that out????
I'm trying to think of ways a PNM might try to game the system. "I was cut before pref, I filled out an MRABA and listed two chapters, I followed the rules, I'm guaranteed a bid, and I want my bid, dammit!"

Originally Posted by carnation View Post
We talked about that many years ago--how the sororities would sit down and say, "We'll take the ho if you'll take the girl with the 1.5." Etc. And you know it would come down to that.
Well, the girl with the 1.5 would be cut, or wouldn't be allowed to register for recruitment in the first place. The rules do state that the PNMs must meet GPA requirements in order to be considered for that "guaranteed bid".

Originally Posted by Griffins&Quills View Post
Ehhhhh. It may be rare but if there's cause to do so....

Unless you're just talking about for no reason?
I'm talking about for no reason or for a minor reason. If a chapter finds out one of their NMs is an ax murderer, I'm sure they could have a chat with nationals about making her depledge.
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