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Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
1) Even if she listed another she won't be on their bid list so they can't "match" her to them.
2) See above. Typically,unless something really bizarre comes up at pref, pref invitees are on the bid list - somewhere. Maybe at the bottom but on it.. All this is going to do is skew quota but Belmont's recruitment isn't that big anyway.
3) Now this is stupid. She won't be on anyone's bid list nor invite list. Don't you think PH could figure that out????
Belmont's recruitment isn't that big relative to, say, big SEC schools, but I believe quota has been in the high 70s for them the past couple years. Which is also part of the issue with administration-Gamma Phi Beta was selected to colonize but hasn't been allowed to come on because administration doesn't want Greek life to get any bigger...but also is requiring that everyone who wants to join gets a bid?

I remember someone with experience at Tufts saying that if a woman was cut from all the chapters there, the advisors would meet and essentially play hot potato with the least desirable PNMs until they all fell somewhere on someone's bid list.
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