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Originally Posted by naraht View Post
A cumulative GPA that meets the chapter's minimum requirements for new membership
A disciplinary record considered in good standing with the university (no violations resulting in probation, limited or institutional)
Must list more that one chapters on their Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) following preference round (NPC Organizations)
Attendance at all formal recruitment events (IFC & NPC Organizations)
Any Belmont student who is eligible to receie a bid from a Greek organization will receive a bid from at least one Greek lettered organization.
So, for NPC sororities:

- If a woman attends only one pref party and can therefore only really list that one chapter on her MRABA, which rule takes precedence? Is the chapter she preffed required to give her a bid because "any Belmont student who can receive a bid and attends all FR events will receive a bid", or is the chapter not required to give her a bid because she listed only one chapter on her MRABA? (If she was only invited to one pref party, it isn't an ISP. If she went to two pref parties and then suicided, that's another story. I'm assuming that, with just four chapters on campus, the max number of pref parties you can attend is two.)
- Can a woman who was invited to only one pref party just write down two chapters on her MRABA just so that she's complied with the "must list more than one chapter" rule? If so, is it possible that the sorority that she writes down that didn't invite her to pref could be forced to give her a bid?
- If a woman is cut across the board before pref, she has attended all FR events to which she was invited - she just wasn't invited to pref. She could theoretically sneak in with all the other PNMs who went to pref, and complete an MRABA and just list two chapters she liked. Does that mean some chapter will be forced to give her a bid? Or not - because, while she attended all FR events to which she was invited, she did not attend all FR events because she did not participate in pref?

In NPC-land, once a PNM gets a bid, that's it - unless she chooses to depledge, she's getting initiated. Chapters can't release new members.
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