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Originally Posted by sigmadiva View Post
If this was a sanctioned fraternity event, then an adviser should be there to prevent stuff like this from happening.
Over in my lane, this is not a requirement. I do make myself available for certain events, I will have a beer with actives once a year at formal, but the vast majority of my work is dealing directly with the executive officers. If this was an initiation event, I'd probably show up for the actual ceremony and then leave. If they were doing it a considerable distance from my home, I probably wouldn't go and that would be fine and expected.

In SGR, the undergraduate chapter adviser is expected to be physically present at all sanctioned chapter events.
I can't speak for all NIC groups, but this is not the requirement with mine. I'm sure I'd be welcome at whatever social event.

To the bold: then maybe we won't have pledges dying and chapters getting fined like this one if a responsible adult is present.

If it's just a bunch of guys who want to hang out, then the fraternity should not be liable.
That's a decision each chapter has to make. And frankly, I am not sold on the notion that all alumni are always a good thing. If chapters are trying to eliminate bad practices from the chapter's culture, alumni can be a horrible influence. And my members are adults. Some of them have even been to war. They don't need a babysitter.

Occasionally, 18-22 year olds will do stupid things and having people there to hold their hands and protect them isn't necessarily a good thing. If members aren't allowed to make mistakes, how will they learn not to make them? Advisers need to be involved enough to the point where when they sign their risk management affidavits (is that a thing elsewhere?) that they know that what they are signing is true.
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