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White dresses can be a pain to find but if she's fine with wearing the graduation dress and it doesn't have quite the warm hue of a winter white (I had to google what winter white was) then if it were me I'd go for it. But I don't know the specific requirements and/or expectations. If she needs to wear bright white you still might be able to find a dress online but I'd double check to see if her sorority has specific standards on if the dress needs to have sleeves, certain length etc.

As far as the shoes it may vary depending on the requirements of her sorority. I know for mine they were pretty specific that I had to wear white shoes and they had to be white with out any other colors. Before payless went out of business I actually ended up finding an inexpensive pair online which was perfect as I wasn't going to have a bunch of occasions to wear an all white dress shoe unless I was attending an initiation. I'd suggest looking online at Zappos and maybe getting a few different pairs to see what she might like (at least they have free return shipping) so you can send back the others.
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