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So my daughter states she is really busy and she asked me to pick up a pair of white shoes to go with the dress she wants to wear. She is wearing the same white dress she wore for high school graduation and indicates her sorority has instructed the pledges to wear white shoes.

I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations because although her dress looks white, it is really more of a winter white than a bright white. You can only tell it is a winter white when you hold it up next to a pair of bright white shoes. I know this from when we went shoe shopping for graduation. We ended up getting a pair of nude single strap block high heel shoes. They looked great together.

I have looked at new dresses online and found very little and I do think that the graduation dress is very appropriate for initiation because it is a swing style, lace overlay dress that adds a touch of formality over some of the summer-type white dresses I have seen.

I googled pictures of sorority initiation at her college and saw pictures that included all sorts of neutral shoes worn with white dresses. I told her to send a picture of the shoes to whoever is in charge of this in the sorority and ask if she can wear the same shoes.

Any thoughts on this? Any suggestions as to what shoes in white might be a tad bit less white? I read somewhere that satin shoes are not a bright white because satin does not naturally come in a bright white color. I think her dress is probably about the same color as satin shoes. However, I think leather or even suede would be a better choice.
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