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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
At home with their families most likely. In my experience, it would be bizarre for an alum adviser to go on a camping trip with active brothers. Also, consider the sort of liability some 40-50 year old adviser might take on if he accompanied a large group of 18-22 year olds and their dates to a campsite where large quantities of alcohol were intended to be consumed.
If it's just a bunch of guys camping, who just so happen to in a fraternity together, that's one thing.

If this was a sanctioned fraternity event, then an adviser should be there to prevent stuff like this from happening.

In SGR, the undergraduate chapter adviser is expected to be physically present at all sanctioned chapter events.

To the bold: then maybe we won't have pledges dying and chapters getting fined like this one if a responsible adult is present.

If it's just a bunch of guys who want to hang out, then the fraternity should not be liable.
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