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Originally Posted by aephi alum View Post
Maybe I misunderstood you. You said that checks "had to be signed by two out of three of the Chairman of the Advisory Committee, chapter President and chapter Treasurer." Two chairmen, one president, and one treasurer = 4 people.

I never actually had to do the "cross out 19 and write in 20 on the date line" thing. When I opened my first checking account, the checks did have 19's on the date line, but I closed that account in the late 1990s because I had moved and changed banks, so by the time the year 2000 arrived, I had checks with the current standard date line that doesn't specify a century.
Person A: Chairman of the Advisory Cmte
Person B: Chapter President
Person C: Chapter Treasurer.
Pick 2. But I agree it could have been read the other way.

I'm in an even goofier situation now where my bank got taken over about 3 years ago and I'm still *successfully* using the checks that I got under the old name. (my account still uses the same routing number, so no one cares.
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