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Where I used to live, in Connecticut, the city collects all recyclables once a week. A 5-cent-per-item deposit is charged on all cans and bottles (soda or beer) and is returned if you bring the items back to the store for recycling, but you could just forgo the deposit and put them in your recycling bin. Other glass (e.g. wine bottles) and cardboard would also go into your recycling bin. I'm not sure about newsprint. I haven't subscribed to a hard-copy newspaper in ... well, ever.

Here in New Orleans, as far as I can tell (having lived here only a couple of months), recycling is apparently not a priority. At my apartment building, all cardboard boxes are to be cut down and left near the trash chute. I don't know if they're recycled or not. Everything else - soda cans, beer and wine bottles, etc. - goes down the chute. I would like to recycle the glass, but I have yet to learn where and how.
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