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Yes. And I think we do a disservice to all of our organizations when we don't explain that hazing is a relatively rare thing and that the actual data in this study everyone refers to doesn't support the conclusions reported in the news. If you were in the Circle K President and you had to dress down your chapter because they were farting off their service hours, according to this study, because someone yelled at you, you have been hazed.

If you were with the band at a hotel on an away game and played a round of captain dickhead (drinking game with cards), that's apparently hazing.

All of these are considered hazing behaviors by the study.

?Attend a skit night or roast where other members are humiliated
?Sing or chant by yourself or with a few select team members in a public
situation that is not related to the event, game, or practice
?Wear clothing that is embarrassing and not part of the uniform
?Be yelled, screamed, or cursed at by other team/organization members
?Get a tattoo or pierce a body part
?Act as a personal servant to other members
?Associate with specific people and not others
?Deprive yourself of sleep
?Be awakened at night by other members
?Make prank phone calls or harass others
?Be tied up, taped, or confined to small spaces
?Be transported to and dropped off in an unfamiliar location
?Endure harsh weather without the proper clothing
?Drink large amounts of a non-alcoholic beverage such as water
?Participate in a drinking game
?Drink large amounts of alcohol to the point of passing out or getting sick
?Watch live sex acts
?Perform sex acts with same gender

All of these things lack enough context to conclude that they actually are hazing behaviors and if you look at the data, few of these things were experienced by more than 20% of participants (except drinking games, [he who is without sin cast the first stone]). The study struggles to define what hazing is, and for that reason, when someone says this study says 54% or whatever of our groups haze, we need to be clear that the study is horseshit and that's not what anyone is saying.
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