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The first thing to do is to dispel this notion that hazing is so prevalent as revealed in that 2008 University of Maine Study.

Read through that study and realize that we're not talking about students who were hazed in the conclusions. It's students who experienced one kind of "hazing behavior," which when reviewing the "hazing behaviors" is not the same thing.

Maybe I'm old, but I would say that if you did not participate in a single drinking game (a hazing behavior) during your entire undergraduate experience, then your undergraduate experience was lacking. If you stayed up late pomping a float or practicing for a cheer/dance competition, this study would have you know you were hazed. It's bullshit.

A small minority of our chapters haze in a dangerous sense, but it is a SMALL minority and in time, this isn't going to be an issue. National organizations have to stay on top of their undergrad members and when they recolonize, they have to stay on top of their alumni members to ensure the dangerous traditions in some chapters go extinct.

The hand wringing we do when one (of thousands) of chapters does something stupid is not helpful. Those issues will be hashed out between the parties or in the courts. Because Alpha Beta hazes at XYZ university does not affect my chapter and isn't indicative of any problem outside of Alpha Beta at XYZ U. That should be the public response to these events rather than this collective bed shitting we tend to do when bad chapters do bad things.
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