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I have preffed girls who have already made up their mind before. Girls who I met at the door and they asked me "So should I wear khakis or jeans to match y'all at bid day?" and also girls who said "I was so moved at XYZ pref, and I can't wait to be in the same sorority as my mom". Usually, if a girl just flat out told me like that, I would be sort of casual about take the pressure off of them by saying "If you are hungry don't feel embarrassed about eating the food, I know that it can feel strange to eat in front of people..." Seriously, the girls would usually chow down on the pref food once they realized that they wouldn't have to feel awkward! Then we would talk about random stuff. I am a pretty good talker, so I never had a problem with it. Actually, I managed to get every girl I preffed to tell me who their first choice was (without blatantly asking....didn't want to be illegal). What I did find is that with other rushers, if they said their rushee said she was "torn", that usually meant that we weren't her first choice and she was saying "torn" to avoid telling who she liked better...
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