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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
I've looked at several Wikipedia pages recently and have noticed that a user named Broadmoor has been adding incidents of hazing and other unpleasant reasons most of our organizations' chapters have been disciplined.

I don't really mind it except he's only taking a sampling of what's going on. I have personal knowledge of things not listed on the page, so I'm not really sure what purpose it serves in trying to document everything without documenting everything.
Yes, I've tried talking to him, but he hasn't responded. He *does* do enough other things that he doesn't really count as a "Single Purpose Account" though. He is following Wikipedia's rules with the only real method of getting things removed within Wikipedia's rules *might* be some of the events that only got *really* local coverage to not be notable. So if the only coverage of Mu Mu Mu being derecognized for Alcohol rules violations is just in the school newspaper, *maybe*, but putting a pledge in the hospital or worse that gets covered by national newspaper/major city TV stations doesn't really have much wiggle room for removal.
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