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Okay, I can only post my own experience with this, but I know that I preffed a woman whom I was sure wanted another chapter. I was very, very wrong. She was simply nervous and a quiet girl by nature. I know I did a very poor job preffing her because of my own prejudgement of the situation.
So that's my little warning, don't be so sure.
My advice is this, stay in the moment, don't worry about the future while you're in Preference. Take the opportunity to show the woman how much you feel for your sisterhood, no matter what she may do afterwards. That way you'll know that you treated your guest to the best preference experience you could give her.
As for awkward conversation, well, the best way to overcome that is to just talk about your chapter, start from the beginning of your new member experience and go over each milestone in your life with your sorority. I know that it feels like your telling it to a wall, but at least you know you did your best.
Okay, that's my two cents on the subject.
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