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"This year, the format of ISC recruitment also changed to a more open-house cycle. With the new system, women first visit the seven sororities that participate in formal recruitment during open houses and are not scheduled into time slots. After the end of the first round, PNMs select their top four preferences and then are algorithmically matched to a maximum of four houses. These matches can then be revisited during the second round.

PNMs could stay for between 30 minutes and one and a half hours during round one and between 30 minutes and two hours during round two, according to AXiD president Katherine Flessel 18."

Sounds like Dartmouth has completely abandoned RFM. They are going to regret that eventually.

Basically, PNMs are allowed to go to whichever houses they choose during the first round. Even with only 395 girls in recruitment, they had the obvious problems. Can you imagine the chaos this would be at a school like Alabama or Ole Miss?
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