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Originally Posted by TXDG View Post
Her recruitment was just what we all dream of - a pnm who actually followed her heart instead of being swayed by campus gossip or family pressure.

How would you feel if she had pledged the "popular" chapter and was calling you in tears because she was so uncomfortable with the sisters, or feeling left out, or pressured into social situations? Would that really be worth being able to crow to your friends that she joined a "prestigious" sorority?

Not too long before he died, my dad said to me "I don't care if you ever get married or have kids, as long as you are happy." I still remember where we were standing when he said it because I never thought those words would come out of his mouth. (His side of the family is very traditional, farm and family oriented, my cousins are popping out kids every other minute) It is one of the most loving things he ever did for me, to explicitly free me from that expectation.

ETA: QueenD - what is a "fish chair"? I assume it does not have to do with actual fish.
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