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Momoffour, I mean this gently and sincerely: you already had the experience of choosing your sorority and navigating your own collegiate and alumnae sorority experience.

Please allow your daughter the freedom to do the same. She selected this chapter and is thrilled to be a member. Her recruitment was just what we all dream of - a pnm who actually followed her heart instead of being swayed by campus gossip or family pressure. She may not have taken the path you wished for but it's not your role to "fix" the chapter. It's your role to love and support your daughter, and by support I mean be a sounding board should she come to you for advice. It's clear to me through your posts that you're disappointed with her choice and fearful for her sorority experience...I'm just a stranger on the internet so I can't imagine that your daughter hasn't picked up on the same vibes from you.

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