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A question I would ask the new member advisor is, "may I have a way to contact the NM moms?" "Is there a way to know if other new members are from my area so I may contact their mothers about a mothers club?" The distance was great in my case but there was one girl in her NM class from our city and my daughter put me in touch with the other mom.[/QUOTE]

I appreciate what you are trying to do here, but the job of the New Member Adviser, or any other adviser, is to guide the *chapter officers*, not to interact with member parents. Outside of housing contracts that are co-signed by parents, major risk management / health of member issues, or an event such as homecoming or parents day, most chapter advisers will not interact much (if any) with parents. I had to adhere to some pretty strict guidelines about parent interaction when I served as a chapter adviser, in the name of protecting member privacy and also to protect the collegian's ability to own their chapter experience.

Now, if there is an existing parent's club, or if the chapter wants to provide such a forum for parents, that's a great way to accomplish something similar.
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