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The Panhellenic responses to Momoffour’s concerns have been amazing.

Momoffour, if your daughter's university is geographically near you, you have the opportunity do something I wish I could have done for my daughter 8 states away. You can do "goodie bags" for all in the new member class. Perhaps they could be distributed at a regular NM meeting that is before a calendar event - midterms, a tabling week, home football game, fund raiser or a NM project. The bags could reflect sorority colors, school colors, a healthy snack, microwave popcorn, if you are lucky a trinket of the sorority mascot is findable. Add a note of congratulations and encouragement for the selected calendar event (you can get sorority graphics from websites). A folded note, individualized with each name can be hole punched on the outside of a goodie bag and tied with curly ribbon. I do not think we outgrow these “thinking of yous”.

I don’t think of surprise cupcakes or seasonal treats as just missing home room or the birthday parties I gave my daughter; it is a great way to show kudos and encouragement because I am positive about my daughter's decisions and friendships.

A question I would ask the new member advisor is, "may I have a way to contact the NM moms?" "Is there a way to know if other new members are from my area so I may contact their mothers about a mothers club?" The distance was great in my case but there was one girl in her NM class from our city and my daughter put me in touch with the other mom.
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