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Thanks for the tips. Queen D, I see where you are coming from. Being that I've never had an daughter in a sorority until now, I'd never thought about conflicts of interest. I can absolutely see why it wouldn't be a good idea for an advisor to be related to an active. Thankfully she hasn't heard anything about the chapter closing, or any talk about that. I think what concerned her was that an owner of a local business, told her that at one time the Greek System was much larger and that they had lost two sororities within the past several years. FSUZeta, it's funny that you mentioned the struggling chapter at your school and them not utilizing resources. I don't know the particulars of this organization, but I do know that they have an award winning chapter a few hours away from this chapter. I may suggest to her that they utilize their resources if she asks for advice. I know that it isn't my problem, but I hate to see any chapter struggle. There was a group that struggled when I was an active, and we always were afraid that they were going to close. I had friends in that chapter and knew that they were really great girls. They just weren't that good at recruitment. Over time, their advisors got involved and they were able to pull their numbers up. I'm hoping that the same thing will happen with my daughter's chapter.
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