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Your concern for the welfare of your daughters chapter is admirable. I have a few thoughts.

1) numbers aren't the only indicator of chapter health. I've been involved with a chapter which missed quota significantly in a lot of years in the past, particularly before RFM. And you know what? They were still winning campus events, had high grades, hugely involved student leaders, and raised a ton of money. The lack of success in recruitment had more to do with the fact that the chapter was simply more skilled and comfortable at COB. It's definitely difficult to be a smaller house, but what you describe is not a kiss of death.

2) NPC sororities tend to invest a LOT of effort in remediation before closing chapters, especially housed chapters, unless there are huge risk management issues (think cops and hospitals or campus judiciary involved). I won't say it's impossible for a house to be closed soon, but i a, guessing your daughter would have a clue because girls would be buzzing about it with worry CONSTANTLY if it were truly on the table. Chapters are almost never surprised by closure.

3) it's not the end of the world if a person gets initiated and their chapter closes while they are in school. It Certainly sucks, but it's not like those women aren't still sisters and can't do stuff together. They just aren't a recognized student organization anymore so n that campus. They can be involved in whatever alumnae stuff they like.

4) some chapters will take advisory help from non-members. Many have moms or parents clubs that do things for the girls. If your daughters chapter has that, it may be the best path to showing support. I have employed outside help at times when I was an adviser. It was fairly limited, but including things like having non-sister experts give presentations on relevant topics like a specific philanthropy or conversation and body language skills. Also, please understand that most organizations will not allow an active adviser that has a close family member or family friend active in the chapter, regardless of whether they are an alumna.

5) please remember that this is not your problem. It's your daughters chapters problem. All you can do at the end of the day is be supportive of your daughter and suggest things she and her sisters might try. I would let your daughter raise any suggestions about your involvement with the chapter. If she were to tell the fish chair ON HER OWN WITHOUT YOUR PRODDING "Hey, my mom trains beta beta beta chapters onrecruitment skills. Would you like her to come give a workshop to the gamma gammas?" And they accept then great. But don't push it, because it's not your circus and again - people doing much advising for a chapter while their family member is in the chapter is not appropriate.
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