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It is very hard on all concerned when a chapter struggles. Some fresh ideas might give them the boost they need. How to go about offering your assistance will be somewhat a sticky wicket. I will give you an example.

There is a chapter on my campus that has struggled for decades ( not exaggerating), yet the things that were said about them back in my day are still being said today. It appears that they continue to put band aids on deficits rather than have major surgery, i.e.they continue to react, rather than be proactive. Whether someone from outside the org has approached them offering assistance or not I could not say. The interesting thing is they have an award winning chapter near enough to be a resource for them, but it doesn't appear to have ever been utilized. I guess my point is approach the chapter advisors, after consulting your daughter, with caution.

Your daughter does have some power in membership selection, even as a new member. She can invite stellar girls over to the house for lunch or dinner, or to COB events. Girls she really likes from her dorm who might not have participated in formal recruitment, or girls who,did participate but did not pledge.
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