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Struggling Chapter

My daughter went through rush and pledged the chapter where she felt most comfortable. She is very happy with her new sisters and is looking forward to becoming a member. When going through rush, she knew that her chapter wasn't considered the popular group on campus, but that didn't matter to her because she really loved the girls that she had met. What I'm concerned about is the chapter appears to be seriously struggling. We knew that they had missed quota, but found out that it was by a significant amount. (They got about 60% of quota.) Of course they are trying to add to that with COB. She has made friends with some of the girls in her pledge class and really likes them. She was surprised that one is a senior. She asked her big sister why they had pledged a senior, because she thought that was something unusual, and was told that they couldn't afford to be picky. (Four have already dropped out of her pledge class.) I told her that it worries me because I would hate for her to be initiated, then have her chapter close. I told her that once she's an actual member, she'd be able to contribute to the membership selection process. I have two questions regarding all of this. The first, how is it decided when a chapter needs to close on a campus? I know that each organization is different, but was wondering if there are guidelines. My second question has to do with advisors. I am a member of another organization and was very active in our panhellenic and membership selection process. I would be more than happy to help them with recruitment preparation and give them some advice on how to carry conversations, open ended questions, etc. However, I would never want to step on the toes of any of their current advisors or go against any of their policies. I would never expect to be a part of their membership selection process. Do organizations allow people from outside to help them prepare for recruitment? From what my daughter has told me, many of the girls going through recruitment felt like conversations were forced and awkward. I think that with some guidance, these things can begin to change next year. I'm just hoping that there will be a next year.
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