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Really appreciated this and many other threads on this site. I went through recruitment/rush 30 years ago and now my daughter is going through the process. It was amazing how the PNM's were very misinformed on the selection process in the early rounds. All of your advise gave me the ability to give her sound advice.

KSUVIOLET6 - My daughter just finished recruitment at is an amazing greek community. I was confident no matter which organization she choose she would be with a great group of women. She had the burden of being a multiple legacy with the groups on the campus but she made the right choice on bid day. Thank you for spending time to make the greek organizations on that campus so great.
It is a great and growing community!

When I was there in the early to mid-2000s, there were only 6 chapters and they averaged maybe 80 to 100 women. Quota was usually in the high teens or low 20s.

The addition of Phi Mu and SDT along with overall chapter growth has been really cool to see.

I hope your daughter found a home somewhere! Do you mind sharing?
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