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Originally Posted by QLB817 View Post
😁 After I started my story, I had the idea that I should have used Zeta symbols as the various chapters. But since I already had my theme, I stuck it out.

Daughter has a crown ring that her dad gave her a few years ago. (He says she's his princess.) But when she was getting ready for the first party and putting on jewelry, it dawned on me that it was a 5 pointed one. So I told her that she could look at it if she got super nervous during the parties and remember that she had a bunch of Zetas that were rooting her on to include a very excited mom. That made her tear up.

My alumnae chapter is probably going to pitch in and get her a letter shirt, but have the letters in Zeta colors as a little fun since she couldn't be a legacy, but we still love her lots and claim her unofficially.
Love that she had a good luck ring to remind her of all that were pulling for her. What a fun idea to have a letter shirt in your sorority colors.
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