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Ali's mom sent me a text to say she was making new friends & stayed in dorm area with girls in her major. I had told Ali & Sherry that there is a possibility of not being invited back to all 5 parties for the philanthropy round. Sherry was confident that her top 5 would all invite her back but Ali & Julie not so much.

All 3 girls sat together waiting to get party invites. Julie & Sherry were invited back to the exact 5 parties. Julie did not understand why Ann Romano dropped her, she had the high grades & golf connection. Sherry had her ego a bit deflated when that group & Edith Bunker were not on her list either. Many people had told her that those 2 just do not invite other chapter legacies to round 2, they never have at this campus. Ali was over the moon excited that she was invited to all 5 of her top choices & she made a point to let her friends know. Jennifer & Debbie dropped out because they were not invited to Ann Romano or Edith Bunker, the only 2 they were interested in.

This is a continual issue on this campus. Somehow women feel they are going to be sisters in these groups because they do a good job befriending them beforehand& their first round is very strong.

So off the 3 went to round 2. Carol Brady was first. The girls were all surprised how different this party was from the first. No cute mascots or table visits. Videos & a project. Um

The Carol Brady group has a broad cause & the video was cute but locally put together unlike the other groups who had a professional video provided by a specific national cause. Ali didn't connect because she was hoping for something in the line of medicine to be part of whatever group she chose. Julie & Sherry were fine with the cause, both social work majors but Sherry did not like being asked to write a message to whoever the recipient would be. She liked to put thought into her writing & she hated her handwriting. She told her legacy chapter this was not her thing.

All 3 girls went to the next party with a strange feeling. Ali loved Edith was a medical philanthropy & many girls from her major were in this chapter. A girl in her major, Mia, also liked them. Ali was quickly finding a new number 1 choice. She also like Ann Romano because the organization they supported was something she had been a part of for 13 yrs ( along with Sherry)

Sherry loved Marion Cunningham. One of their causes she had been involved with was a walk a thon & the other directly hit home with her brothers. Julie like them too.

Neither one were thrilled with Olivia Walton. They had to color a backpack. This felt like art class which neither one liked much & as first round there was no connection with the the women.

Caroline Ingles was ok, again they were asked to write a message but this time samples were provided which Sherry liked much better.

Norma Arnold was better in round 2 but you could still tell they were new to all this. Julie connected with many of them & found some friends from her local area. She was glad they invited her back even though she missed them in round 1.

It was time to rank. Ali was torn, having loved Carol Brady from the start but clicking with Edith Bunker & Ann Romano more today. She also knew she needed to become her own person & if Sherry joined a different group she'd have 2 sets of friends.She ranked Carol Brady 3rd & figured it would all work out for a reason. Julie put Carol Brady & Norma Arnold 1&2. Sherry was most torn of all. She knew the sisterhood she would have in her legacy chapter but really loved Marion Cunningham. She didn't tell her sister & mom which one she ranked 1&2 but she knew she was going to have an even tougher decision tomorrow if she went to both prefs.

Pref up next!
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