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Originally Posted by DubaiSis View Post
So if what I said doesn't apply to all then it means that there IS a sorority out there that always invites every rushee back at least once simply because she has a recommendation. We are not talking about the bid list (although I've talked to enough sorority women that the "if a legacy makes it to preference she has to be on the 1st bid list" rule is close enough to universal), we're talking about invitations to the 2nd round of rush. And let's not even go with IS. We could say COULD. So you're saying that there COULD BE a sorority that has to invite every recommended rushee back to the second round. That is exactly completely and unequivocally opposed to RFM which requires chapters to make cuts. So which is it, RFM or a theoretical sorority has to invite back every girl with a recommendation? I'm going to assume that the only thing you were arguing was the final bid list because you don't want to let out the world's worst kept secret. But that was not what was being discussed.

Apparently you are targeting me. Therefore:

No, I am not saying that at all. However it's apparent that you have some kind of bee in your bonnet and don't want to participate in any sort of reasonable discussion. Your logic and reasoning is faulty. As are your assumptions.

Done here.

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