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Daughters first party for Round Two was theBasset Hounds . Now this was the group she thought the girls were sweet, but wasn't sure she clicked. I got a text right after the party and she said "Mom! I think the Basset Hounds just captured my heart!" Apprently the party had gone very well and the talks about sisterhood and why they felt their group was so special really resonated with her. Seems like we see it often, where someone's last pick turns out to be a lot better than expected once the fog of rush crushes starts to dissipate. (I also personally think the actives are often very good at inviting back the girls they know would fit better than the PNMs are at being able to judge each group objectively.) I'm really glad daughter kept an open mind about these girls. Newer groups can have a tough time getting through those first few recruitment cycles and too many PNMs just don't give them a fair look.

Party two was with the Bulldogs. She already really liked this group and the party just continued that. She thinks she could easily be happy as a Bulldog. We had a very odd coincidence yesterday with the Bulldogs too. One of the younger daughters was cleaning out her closet and found a t-shirt that had somehow mistakenly ended up in there. Turned out to be a formal t-shirt from when the stepbrother had gone to formal a couple of years ago with one of the Bulldogs. I'm not a big believer in signs, but it kinda cracked me up.

Daughter and I were talking this morning. She didn't get a call from her Rho Chi, so she will have at least one invite to pref today. I asked if she had any clue how she would rank later if she got.invited back to both. She said she has no idea. She likes them both a lot and would be very happy with a bid from either.

She is supposed to go pick up invites in a couple hours. I'll update next when we know if she has one or two parties left!
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